1 – Guides

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- Download The St John App if you haven’t already. It’s FREE! The official “unofficial” island app has everything you need living in your device. It’s fun to use and is the most comprehensive guide available for St John US Virgin Islands with information you can’t find anywhere else. Find the perfect restaurants in St [...]

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2 – Beverages

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Bartender, the lack of stress is killing me! Can I please have a painkiller! Have a Painkiller, a Bushwhacker and any of the Virgin Islands Brewers beers. Not trying out at least one of these is like going all the way out to Italy and not having a pizza. If you find yourself deciding what [...]

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3 – Boating

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Take a boat trip and pretend you are rich and famous while you enjoy the million dollar views. Another essential what to do in St John US Virgin Islands is experiencing the island on the water. To put it simply, there are no words or photos that would do that experience justice. If you have [...]

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4 – Beaches

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Rinse and repeat as many times as you can. An old photo of Cinnamon Bay, What to do in St John. It goes with out saying that St John US Virgin Islands has lots of beautiful beaches. Some of the most popular beaches are Trunk Bay, Hawksnest, Maho, Francis, Honeymoon, Salomon, Cinnamon, Lameshur and Salt [...]

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5 – Snorkeling / Diving / Kayaking / Paddle Boarding

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The waters are beautiful, warm and clear and usually pretty calm. Don’t sell yourself short. There is also nothing that will seriously hurt you out here in the St John US Virgin Islands if you practice common sense and just a little bit of know how. If you are a beginner at any of these [...]

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6 – Hiking

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Take a hike buddy! The island is two thirds National Park with many hiking trails. They can vary from super easy and fairly flat to somewhat steep and long. The easiest are the Lind Point, Leinster Bay and Cinammon Bay Ruins Trails. If you’re trying to find out what to do in St John US [...]

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7 – Ruins

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There are some great ruins to visit out here in St John US Virgin Islands. They each have their own interesting histories. Finding out about them will allow you to appreciate them even more. The Annaberg ruins are a must, as well as Cinnamon Bay, Catherineberg and the bit harder to reach Reef Bay ruins [...]

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8 – Driving

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There’s a fork in the road, which one do you take? Take them all! Rent a car in St John US Virgin Islands, drive all of the main roads and stop everywhere. Take a day to explore a beach and a restaurant in Coral Bay. Have a photo taken at the skinny legs cut out [...]

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9 – Eating

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Go ahead, splurge a little. Treat yourself to a nice dinner or two. A must what to do in St John US Virgin Islands. Eating out here is a thoroughly enjoyable experience in it self. There are many great individually owned restaurants with amazing food and/or views. Ask your server to recommend a wine. If [...]

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10 – Shopping

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No matter where you go, there you are. Walk around downtown Cruz Bay, stop in every shop and take many breaks. Many of the shops offer unique and local St John made items. Although it takes about 10 minutes to walk straight from end to end, you can even break it up over a couple of [...]

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101 Things To Do in St John US Virgin Islands

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What To Do In St John US Virgin Islands. Take an easy hike on the north shore of St John Us Virgin Islands along the Leinster Bay Hiking Trail. This is one of the islands easiest hiking trails where you’ll find some for the best snorkeling at the end, right on Waterlemon Cay.  If you’re [...]

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101 Things to do in St John

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101 What to do in St John. On your way to the Willy-T on Norman Island, make a quick pit stop at the Caves. They are a great surprise. There is usually enough light to be able to see and they don’t go in very far, but if there is a dive light available, bring [...]

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